No problem! Pontoon & watercraft Up North rentals here!


Vacationing on a lake without a boat is no fun.

You need a watercraft to really enjoy the water.

Besides, the best fishing is usually off-shore.

That’s why our Up North vacation rentals include pontoons, kayaks, canoes, and more.

Depending on what lake you’re staying on or near, Rollway offers pontoon rental and kayak, paddle boards, paddle boats, and lake canoe rentals. Just what you need to get the full benefit of a lake vacation! Catch dinner, get some exercise, or just leisurely float around catching some rays. In case you weren’t aware, sunsets are far more fabulous on the water too. You’re definitely not having the full Up North experience without a watercraft on hand!



Available on Rifle River Recreation Area Lakes Only

Got Questions? Call (989) 728-3322

  • Lupton Boat Rental: Rifle River Recreation Area Lakes
  • Boat Rental: Devoe, Grousehaven, Grebe, Lodge, Jewett & Scaup Lakes

In addition to our smaller watercraft, Rollway Resort also rents non-motorized fishing boats for use on the Rifle River Rec Area lakes. We supply the boat trailer, oars, and life jackets too. Just grab your bait and tackle, pull in and hookup, and you’re on your way to some great fishing.


  • $75.00 for 24 hrs.
  • $300.00 weekly (7 days)
  • Devoe Lake & Grebe Lake Fishing Boats for Rent: Rollway Resort
  • Row Boat Rentals for Rifle River Rec Area Lakes from Rollway Resort
Want to know what fish species you can catch in what lake within the Rifle River Recreation area? It certainly helps to know what lures or bait you need to have before you launch your boat! And with 6 lakes to choose from, you won’t want to waste time by hitting the wrong lake for your eating preferences either.

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The Au Sable Valley is highly blessed with water. Our watercraft for Up North vacation rentals makes pontoons available for use on the 60-some lakes in the area around Rollway Resort. A popular craft for the finer points of lake life: fishing, sun bathing, swimming, and cruising. Yes, you can rent a party barge!

Staying on or near the river? You can also use our pontoons on the Au Sable. Something our resort cabin guests might want to take advantage of. Call our office to discuss available days or weeks for pontoon rental.

Delivery is available to any lake within a 30-mile radius from our resort. It arrives with your first 10 gallons of gas, ready for you to hop on and enjoy. However, if that’s not enough for your activity, refueling is on you. Pickup at the end of your pontoon rental period is included. If you need instruction on how to operate the pontoon, just ask! We’ll gladly show you the ropes.

  • Au Sable River Pontoon Rental: Rollway Resort, Hale MI
  • Sand Lake - Long Lake Boat Rentals: Rollway Resort, Hale MI
  • AuSable River Pontoon for Rent: Rollway Resort, Hale MI
  • Round Lake - Long Lake Pontoon Rental: Rollway Resort, Hale MI